Iphone 6s plus 64 space gray


iPhone 6S Plus Unboxing & First Impression (Space Gray)

Hey folks, got the NEW iPhone 6S Plus 64 GIG space grey, here is an unboxing of this product for you. Replaced my iPhone 5 so it was a big difference for me. Stay tuned for product review, comparison to iPhone 5, speed test, and video test!
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iPhone 6s Plus Kutu Açılımı (64 GB Space Grey) Ekim 2015

Iphone 6s Plus 64 GB Space Grey! Unboxing of my NEW Iphone 6s Plus IOS 9

iPhone 6s models convey five noteworthy classes of upgrades over Apple's smash hit iPhone 6 (which was at that point both the world's top offering iPhone and top offering cell phone): another 3D Touch digitizer, matched with a Taptic Engine actuator, empowers another level of weight touchy, multitouch connection upheld with natural haptic input; an immensely enhanced A9 Application Processor giving improved rate and battery productivity, combined with 2GB of RAM and a mixed bag of coordinated motor upgrades; new iSight and FaceTime cameras for more keen photographs and 4K recordings; improved remote that backings quicker, element improved LTE Advanced portable and MIMO WiFi; and a more grounded, more fluid safe glass and aluminum body that makes 6s models more unbending and solid, without being altogether bigger or heavier.

The two new 6s/6s Plus models keep on offering close by a year ago's 6/6 Plus, which are presently $100 less (beginning at $550),and the A7-fueled iPhone 5s, which is currently $450 or "free on contract." The reasonable separation between the littler 5s and center level 6 models has dispensed with a part for iPhone 5c, which is never again being sold by Apple.

Notwithstanding their new elements, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus additionally stand separated as the main models offering 128GB limits (iPhone 6 is accessible just in 16 and 64GB forms, while iPhone 5s maxes out at 32GB),and are Apple's just handsets as of now offered in yellow or rose gold.

Whats new 2015 iPhones

What's new #1: 3D Touch Retina HD Display with Taptic Engine

In the wake of giving its eighth era iPhone 6 a bigger, higher determination Retina HD Display a year ago, Apple has now turned its consideration toward upgrading the ease of use of multitouch instead of basically knocking up pixel number and screen size, as most contenders have been doing at general interims (between attaching on forgettable contrivances as 3D visuals and bended screens).

Apple's execution of 3D Touch is more than simply screen weight affectability and some client interface expansions. It is especially effectively thought out in that it conveys genuine advantages in accelerating route and adding measurement to multitouch motions while additionally being subtle by method for its instinctive feel.

Any individual who doesn't care for it can turn if off or tone it down, however as far as we can tell, 3D Touch is both helpfully engaging and enjoyable to utilize. The component is reminiscent of Force Touch, which appeared on Apple Watch the previous fall; it comparably gets the to a great degree exact Taptic Engine to convey vibratory input that is so expertly timed that "vibration" just appears to be excessively messy of a word, making it impossible to depict it.

3D Touch Quick Actions

3D Touch Quick Actions

3D Touch on the new 6s models empowers dispatching profound connected elements inside applications (called Quick Actions, delineated above),rapidly scrutinizing or opening records or other substance, for example, messages (alluded to as Peek and Pop, portrayed underneath) and including a layer of profundity in applications going from Notes' weight touchy doodles to computer games that can sense the contrast between a tapped touch and a harder press.

3D Touch Peek and Pop

3D Touch Peek and Pop

Like the first Multitouch screen on Apple's first iPhone from 2007, 3D Touch is intended to feel so characteristic and instinctive that it doesn't force an expectation to learn and adapt. It's easily simple to get start utilizing, and it doesn't lead you on a gimmicky way toward disappointment (like Samsung's hand waving route or Google's face open or Amazon's face tilting parallax).

In the event that you attempt 3D Touch on a UI component that doesn't yet offer bolster, iPhone gives a brief haptic sign in affirmation. There are ranges (especially among outsider applications) where 3D Touch doesn't do anything yet. In any case, even among Apple's own titles, there are bunches of chances for Quick Actions and Peek and Pop style connection that as of now don't do anything. That is prone to change rapidly, as a mixed bag of engineers, including Twitter and Instagram, have as of now bounced to add Quick Actions to their applications.

One downside to 3D Touch: the new layer of digitizer complexity adds weight and size to the telephone. Luckily it's very much a slight contrast. On the off chance that you specifically look at a 6 Plus and 6s Plus, you may see an unpretentious change in weight (0.7 ounces or 20 grams). The littler iPhone 6s has even to a lesser degree a weight increase (not as much as half and once, or around 12 grams). Both telephones are likewise 0.2mm thicker than a year ago, a distinction of 1/100th of an inch.
iphone 6siphone (video game platform)ios 9

Apple iPhone 6s Plus Space Gray Unboxing

Unboxing the new iPhone 6s Plus in 64GB Space Gray.

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UNBOXING ; iPhone 6S Plus 64GB Space Gray

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Unboxing iPhone 6s Plus space gray 2016!!!!

Unboxing The All new IPhone 6s Plus space grey 64GB

Big review of the Apple dock of all the colors check this
awesome video.

Iphone 6s
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Купить Apple iPhone 6S - просмотри фото, описание и характеристики, обзор, новости и отзывы о мобильном телефоне. Сравни все цены на телефон Айфон 6Л в более чем 180 нтернет-магазинах, продающих мобильный телефон, найди где можно купитьдешевле, определив лучшую и среднюю стоимость, закажи сотовый телефон Айфон 6 Л в самом дешевом месте с доставкой по Москве, Санкт-Петербургу или всей России и даже Украине!Все варианты предложений мобильного телефона Айфон 6L в твоем городе с подробной информацией о комплектации, цвете модели и доставке на нашем сайте.Прочти новый обзор о смартфоне Айфон 6 L с 3D фотографиями и полным описанием функциональности телефона и его возможностей перед покупкой.Скачивайте приложения и игры для вашего мобильного телефона Айфон 6Л, а так же поделитесь отзывом о качестве, удобстве и функциональности вашего смартфона в отзывах о Айфон 6 ЛНаша компания работает с 10:00-19:00 по будням, выходные: суббота, воскресенье. Связаться с нами можно по телефону +7 (495) 374-73-29 (ТОЛЬКО ДЛЯ ОРГАНЗАЦЙ. Консультацию по покупке товара вы можете получить в магазине. Для перехода в магазин нужно нажать кнопку "Купить" рядом с понравившимся предложением).Адрес компании. Для информации о наличии и времени самовывоза необходимо предварительная телефонная запись.Доавка осуществляется по будним дням в период с 10:00 до 21:00.

хотя официальный анонс iPhone 6S пока что не состоялся, нтернет уже пестрит многочисленными слухами о новой версии знаменитого флагмана от Apple. Вот некоторые (и кажущиеся наиболее правдивыми) из них. Прежде всего, дисплей в iPhone 6S будет выполнен по аналогии со смарт-часами Apple Watch - в зависимости от силы нажатия на него, будет выполняться та или иная команда. з-за особенностей данной технологии корпус iPhone 6S, скорее всего, будет подвергнут редизайну. Само собой, будет существенным образом улучшена аппаратная начинка - в частности, iPhone 6S обещает встретить нас новейшим процессором A9, мощность которого явно будет заоблачной. Еще один важный момент - доработанная камера. iPhone 6 и по сей день является образцом для подражания среди прочих камерофонов, однако камеру в iPhone 6S планируют снабдить дополненной "системой двойной линзы", которая обеспечит съёмку в DSLR-качестве на уровне зеркальных фотокамер. Верится с трудом, но, как говорится, поживем да увидим. Бытует мнение, что смартфон iPhone 6S, как и его предшественник, выйдет в двух версиях - с 4,7 и 5,5-дюймовым дисплеями. Официальный анонс, по слухам, состоится в сентябре 2015 года.


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Apple iPhone 6s/6s Plus Unlocked. This iPhone is compatible with any GSM Carrier worldwide including but not limited to. No Accessories Included & No Box Is Included.
Отзывы о телефоне: Увы, пока что для телефона Apple iPhone 6S Plus ни одного отзыва нет. Написать отзыв.
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